About Us

Pro24 djs love music

About Us

Pro24 djs love music

Our History

PRO24 is a company founded in 2008,with the combination of 24 multi talented Deejays from Tanzania playing the Best mixes from Africa and around the world.| MIXTAPES | HIP HOP| | R&B| | CRUNK| | REGGAE| | DANCEHALL| | HOUSE| | KWAITO| | NIGERIA| BONGO FLEVA| | GENGE| AND EVERYTHING YOU LOVE..|

Pro24djs offer top notch deejay services, music fit for all demographics and occasions mixed expertly in real time thus giving you a taste of quality entertainment which is the number of priority. The services are designed just for you in that, selecting the entertainment for your event is one of the most important decisions you will have to make about your special day. Your event is a unique reflection of your celebration and your desire to share your joy with others. With Pro24djs you are also guaranteed professionalism and timeliness due to their many years experience.

Vision & Values

Our mission is to make you entertained in a unique way giving you a taste of quality which is our number one priority. Our value has been seen in  different platforms eg radios, televisions, festivals, concerts, events, clubs  and thus we have been able to compete in multiple dj competitions and luckily won all of them.

We have also been able to produce the best and biggest djs across the regions. This is because of our hard work, good long term strategies and discipline. 

We believe in:


Dj A skills master

Skills Master

Dj fantastic the baddest

Winner Smirnoff ice 2017

Kg the dj

Winner Smirnoff ice 2018

Dj Scratch Designer

No. One Power Mixer

Winner so so fresh 2016

dj seven

Harmonize Official Dj

Dj J one

Bang official DJ

Dj Micho

South Africa Based Dj

Dj Samir

Official Pro24 Dj

DJ HK Monster

Official Pro24 Dj

H- Mzazi

Presenter Tajiri

Lio - Producer

Mr. Kitu kitu

Dj Joe

Official Pro24 DJ

Dj Kwame

Official Pro24 Dj

DJ Pirlo

Official Pro24 Dj

Dj Ray

Official Pro24 Dj

Dj Ticks

Official Pro24 Dj

Dj Chilli

Official Pro24 Dj


Official Pro24 Member




What are you waiting for? Come and feel the difference from the Professional International Djs, Producers, Mc’s, Presenters and Photographers.

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